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FACS can help locate and monitor hazardous materials, suggest ways to mitigate them, and develop customized health and safety plans for your company and projects. We are committed to keeping your crews safe and ensuring compliance.

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Hazardous Building Materials Surveys and Strategy

FACS helps navigate the hazardous building materials maze. We identify and advise you on how to manage potential exposures to lead, asbestos, PCBs, and other hazardous materials. Our teams help you understand exactly what is there and how to mitigate the hazard safely.

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Exposure Assessments and Control

FACS exposure risk assessments help identify the source of the issue and level of hazard. Our experts advise you of our findings and help develop a mitigation plan to ease concerns. Hazards assessed include silica, lead, asbestos, and more.

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Environmental Health & Safety Management

FACS experts can help you manage and implement your environmental health and safety program, whether for your company or specific projects. We offer assistance in the development of EHS programs and their various components, routine inspections, training, and compliance audits.

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Mold and Moisture

FACS industrial hygienists assess mold growth and water intrusion incidents, identify impacted materials, evaluate occupant risks, and provide remediation recommendations. We provide peace of mind and documentation to protect your employees, projects, and clients.

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Litigation Support

FACS has a team of knowledgeable and articulate expert witnesses in environmental health. They stay up-to-date through ongoing research and active participation with professional organizations and public facilities in the sectors we serve. Our experts maintain a healthy balance of projects in both litigated and non-litigated settings to ensure practical opinions and solutions.

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Why Work With FACS

Specialized Experts

Our Construction Sector team draws upon the experience of team members with decades of experience in the construction industry. We understand the dynamics of the interactions between employees, management, the public, and the media. Our experts bring the knowledge and credentials necessary to find and deliver credible solutions. 

The Right Perspective

FACS relies on science-based approaches to environmental issues. We find the problem and provide answers while always keeping the health of your people and risks to your company in mind. We know how important staying on schedule is to construction projects and always try to avoid or minimize negative impacts to schedule.

Current with Regulations

FACS teams stay abreast of changes in regulations affecting the construction industry. We can help your company meet every level of regulatory requirements. Your call to FACS can not only help your company avoid fines and negative news articles but also show your employees and the community you care about their safety.

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Our Construction Team

FACS brings a team of over 150 specialists to the table. In our more nearly 40 years of working to protect public health, we’ve quite likely seen and solved the very problem you are facing now. Our science-based methodology can help you inspire the confidence of your workers, keep them safe on the job, and avoid regulatory issues. Laws constantly change, and FACS experts stay on top of the latest developments to ensure you get the most current and effective guidance. We can help you enhance safe working procedures and help to ensure your project is completed on schedule. Choose FACS for your construction safety partner.

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The reality of construction in 2023 is that all clients have the potential to be very demanding, requiring quick turnarounds and accommodations from all subcontractors and vendors. In this regard, FACS is among the best in the industry for meeting these aggressive requirements. On the technical side, the experts at FACS frequently go above and beyond to explain possible hazardous exposures and develop comprehensive means and methods for our team to safely work around and in these environments.

Alex Saldana – DPR Team Member

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