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FACS can help keep you in compliance with regulations to protect your staff, students, visitors, and reputation. Schools are in the spotlight when environmental problems arise.

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Indoor Environmental Quality & Mold Complaint Response

Concerns about environmental exposures in schools can result from odors, chemicals, disease clusters, or generalized health symptoms, which can escalate into legal claims and community tensions. FACS can help identify the source of the problem and provide recommendations to resolve it.

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Asbestos Management

All buildings can pose an asbestos concern – not just the old ones. Schools face specific requirements for dealing with asbestos, but many administrators and facilities managers are unaware of these laws. FACS can help ensure compliance, reduce risk, and prioritize safety.

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Lead-Based Paint Management

The EPA and OSHA require specific training and procedures when disturbing lead-based paint.  Avoid the risk of exposing your team and leaving hazards that can expose others. FACS can help identify your problem areas and ensure the work is properly executed.

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Lead in Water

Some school drinking fountains may dispense lead-contaminated water without the school’s knowledge, risking student’s health and presenting legal consequences for the school district. FACS can test for contamination, verify compliance, and provide steps to fix the problem.

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EHS Program Development / OSHA Compliance

Educational facilities have diverse environmental needs but lack the staff responsible for regulatory compliance. FACS develops dynamic health and safety programs tailored to your school, including chemical hygiene plans for laboratories and safety programs for facilities teams.

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Exposure Assessment / Claims Investigation

Educational settings like science labs, vocational training, art studios, and other specialized settings may expose your students and staff to hazardous agents. FACS can help address these risks, whether responding to a complaint or assessing your school’s exposures.

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Why Work With FACS

Specialized Experts

FACS environmental experts have extensive experience in addressing day-to-day as well as high-profile issues at educational facilities. We understand the dynamics of the interactions between staff, students, parents, administrators, board members, and the media. We explain the concerns and the science behind them in ways everyone can understand. We get your stakeholders aligned towards solutions and away from arguing.

The Right Perspective

FACS relies on science-based approaches to your school’s environmental issues. We find the problem and provide solutions while always keeping your people’s health and your school’s reputation in mind.

Current with Regulations

FACS teams stay abreast of changes in regulations affecting the educational environment. We can help your school stay in line with regulatory requirements. Your concern not only helps your school avoid fines and negative news articles but also shows your people and the community you care about environmental safety.




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For over 40 years, our team has been dedicated to promoting safety and well-being within academic environments. Our team consists of over 150 experienced professionals who have a wealth of knowledge in education safety. We are committed to working with you to create a safety-conscious culture for your staff and students. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve this goal.

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FACS has provided great customer service and support to Clovis Unified School District. When called upon for help with indoor air quality and hazardous material testing, they are quick to respond, thorough, and provide results.

Adam Belmont
Manager of Clovis USD Maintenance Department

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