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Manufacturing Facilities & Industrial Environments

Manufacturing and other industrial settings present many potential health and safety hazards for workers. FACS industrial hygienists and environmental health professionals deliver science-based solutions to mitigate risks, protecting the health of employees and minimizing liability for businesses.

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Hazardous Building Materials Surveys and Strategy

The manufacturing sector faces risks from hazardous building materials (HBMs). FACS industrial health and safety experts can identify HBM issues, recommend solutions, and train your workforce in safe practices. We can help you navigate regulations to protect your workers and your company.

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Exposure Assessment and Control

FACS Exposure Assessment and Control services include the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of occupant exposure to various agents. Our experts review both occupational and non-occupational environments to identify and characterize exposures to agents relative to worker, occupant, and community health.

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Environmental Health & Safety Management

FACS Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) management programs provide customized services related to environmental health and safety programs, ensuring regulatory compliance and non-regulatory risk management.

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Mold and Moisture

FACS industrial hygienists provide mold and moisture services to assess and address mold growth and water intrusion issues. Our experts offer testing, recommendations for remediation, and participate in stakeholder meetings to address concerns and mitigate risks.

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Litigation Support

FACS expert witness testimony can significantly impact environmental health litigation outcomes. Our experts offer scientific knowledge, technical expertise, risk assessment, and a thorough understanding of laws and regulations, helping to identify case strengths and weaknesses, understand opponent testimonies, and prepare for cross-examinations.

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Indoor Environmental Quality

FACS indoor environmental specialists are ready to help with indoor air quality assessments and tailored solutions for a healthier workplace environment, increased productivity, and regulatory compliance.

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Water Quality

FACS water quality specialists support you by reducing the risk of Legionella and other microbial outbreaks in your water systems. We offer risk evaluations, testing, control strategies, staff training, documentation, validation, and contingency planning to safeguard product quality and worker health.

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FACS Managed Services

FACS provides certified industrial hygienists for routine and ongoing environmental health assessments, surveys, and employee training. We offer individualized plans to address specific needs.

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Why Work With FACS

Specialized Experts

Our Manufacturing Sector team draws upon the experience of team members who have personally been employed in manufacturing and industrial environments. We understand the workplace dynamics and interactions between employees, management, the public, and the media. Our experts bring the knowledge and credentials necessary to find and deliver credible solutions.


The Right Perspective

FACS relies on science-based approaches to environmental issues. We find the problem and provide answers while always keeping the health of your people and risks to your company in mind. We know how important staying on schedule is to companies in the manufacturing sector and always try to avoid or minimize negative impacts to schedule.

Current with Regulations

FACS teams stay abreast of changes in regulations affecting the manufacturing and industrial industries. We can help your company meet every level of regulatory requirements. Your call to FACS can not only help your company avoid fines and negative news articles but also show your employees and the community you care about their safety.

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Our Manufacturing Team

FACS brings a team of over 150 specialists to the table. In our nearly 40 years of working to protect public health, we’ve quite likely seen and solved the very problem you are facing now. Our science-based methodology can help you inspire the confidence of your workers, keep them safe on the job, and avoid regulatory issues. Laws are constantly changing, and FACS experts stay on top of the latest developments to ensure you get the most current and effective guidance. We can help you enhance safe working procedures to keep your employees on the job. Choose FACS for your manufacturing and industrial safety partner.

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The employee was very knowledgeable and explained the process of what he was going to do very well. He walked me through what he would be testing and how we would test. He was very friendly and didn’t speak a language that my team nor I did not understand. He worked well with the team. I would definitely recommend working with this group going forward.

Debbie Breazeale – (Google Review, May 2023)

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