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Legionella & Water Quality

Waterborne pathogens continue to impact our water systems. Do you have a water management plan in place to effectively implement Legionella and other waterborne pathogen prevention in your building?

Water system management and water quality monitoring help aid the prevention, recognition, evaluation and control of the Legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens in building water systems. These systems can include potable water systems, kitchens and food preparation areas, water features, pools & spas, and other areas where water is present. Legionella in hospitals is of particular concern.

FACS works with building management to develop teams and custom programs to help minimize the potential for Legionella or other microorganism outbreaks in building water systems. Our water consulting services include site risk assessments, closed water system testing, control plan development, assistance with deployment of support structure, implementation training, performing audits to evaluate and document control measures, and conducting validation sampling to demonstrate effectiveness. To ensure a swift response to any future potential outbreaks, our experts also work closely with the buildings’ staff to develop contingency plans.

Legionnaires’ disease and other Legionella related issues resulting from water can be serious, developing in cooling towers, hot tubs, domestic water, and elsewhere. Finding a qualified water quality consultant is a must–that’s where we come in. If you’re worried about Legionella in water, or if you need a Legionella or Waterborne Pathogens Management Plan (also known as a Water Safety Plan), FACS should be your first stop.

FACS works with building management, facilities, and infection prevention or environmental, health & safety representatives to develop teams and custom programs to help minimize the potential for Legionella or other waterborne pathogen outbreaks in building water systems. We perform site risk assessments, develop control plans, assist with the deployment of support services, provide implementation training, perform audits to evaluate and document control measures, and conduct validation sampling to demonstrate effectiveness. To ensure business continuity and a swift response to any future potential outbreaks, our experts also work closely with building staff to develop contingency and emergency response plans.

If you’re a public health agency or other stakeholder that needs Legionella management support or wants to get in touch with the best water management consultants around, get in touch with us. We can provide sampling data and interpretation, as well as give recommendations for present and future standard of care. We also provide guidance in the selection of treatment options and link you with the appropriate vendors to make sure that regardless of the severity of the Legionella concern, you’ll be able to address it.

We perform the risk assessment to identify areas of risk and make recommendations to deal with any problems, as well as identify and assist with the correction of causal factors that might be influencing the problem, all backed by powerful validation sampling and rigorous documentation. Whether it’s a Legionella water management plan template, or a comprehensive water management plan for Legionella, we can help.

Our team of knowledgeable, cross-disciplinary experts are ready and able to help you evaluate and control the presence of Legionella, and our FACSTrack Water web application is available to help you monitor and forecast into the future.

Don’t allow Legionnaires’ disease to impact your business or building. Come to us for a comprehensive Legionella control plan so you can rest easy.

Key Agents & Issues

  • Treatment options and vendors
  • Control points and programs
  • Identification and correction of causal factors
  • Validation sampling and documentation

FACS has been a trusted partner for years and we value the relationship. Regardless of the size of the project, they are responsive, professional and client focused.

David F. Barragan
President/CEO, Barragan Corp International

Case Study

Upscale Spa Quickly Recovers from Outbreak of Legionella Bacteria

The California Department of Public Health (DPH) identified an upscale spa as the probable source of a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak. Officials ordered the business to cease operation, pending inspection to prove or disprove the suspicion. Spa management asked FACS to investigate the situation and act as a liaison between the business and the DPH.

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