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Wildfire & Smoke Resources

The danger doesn’t end when the fire’s out. Are you ready to determine when your building is safe to reoccupy or what items are salvageable?

View the resources below to learn more about the steps many companies and governments take after fires, what FACS can do to assist, and for help finding answers to common wildfire smoke-related questions.

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Changes in COVID Guidance in Regard to Building Ventilation

Building ventilation requirements came to the forefront of indoor environmental quality concerns during the...

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Washington State Wildfire Smoke Rules Will Now Be Permanent

Wildfire smoke inhalation can threaten the health of outdoor workers. The past two summer...

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Protecting Schools Against the Risks of Wildfire Smoke Particulate Matter

Wildfires are occurring more frequently than ever before, and the smoke from those fires...

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Oregon Adopts New Heat and Wildfire Smoke Rules

Oregon OSHA recently published two new rules to protect workers from the effects of...

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Wildfire Smoke Regulations and the COVID Epidemic

One Cal/OSHA COVID-19 regulation (3205) requires employers to maximize outside air ventilation to prevent...

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Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) and Wildfire Smoke Preparation Planning

Wildfire preparation plans are essential for helping staff at schools, hospitals, and other commercial...

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California Protection from Wildfire Smoke: An Overview

Are you prepared for a wildfire smoke emergency? If you’re a California employer, monitoring...

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Wildfire Planning for Business: Prepare, Respond, Recover

Despite regular tips and pleas from the United States Forest Service and other agencies,...

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Fire Legal Liability: Who Is Responsible When Business Structures Are Involved?

Fire legal liability is an issue companies and organizations often try to avoid facing...

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Wildfire Smoke and its Impact on Your Home

Massive wildfires continue to devastate the west coast and are expected to increase as...

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Wildfire Smoke Awareness

Brush and Forest Fires

This is a difficult time for many in the...

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Wildfire Smoke Environmental Health Bulletin

Brush and Forest Fires This is a difficult time for many in the Southwest...

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Not sure where to start?

Looking for basic in formation about wildfire safety? Our FAQs about Wildfire is an excellent resource to get started. 

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