COVID-19 Response: FACS Update


We are providing this communication to inform FACS clients of what we are doing as a company to address the current COVID-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. It is our plan to provide updates as needed, and at least weekly, during this event.

COVID-19 FACS Expert Team

We have formed a FACS expert team to provide leadership on this issue. They are continuously reviewing the latest data and guideline revisions on this issue to keep our team and clients up to speed with the best science and right perspective on addressing the pandemic.

Sources of Guidance & Information

Our expert team relies upon the resources of the established public health infrastructure to provide primary guidance and information on COVID-19. These resources include:

FACS Internal Actions

We are taking the following steps to protect our staff and anyone they may encounter:

  1. Enhanced personal/environmental hygiene (e.g., hand washing, social distancing, surface cleaning).
  2. Working from or staying home if presenting with symptoms related to COVID-19, have a travel history to at-risk areas, or have been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.
  3. Worksite safety enhancement, including personal/environmental hygiene (e.g., cleaning going into and out of sites) and site-specific safety plans in situations with known or suspected COVID-19 cases.
  4. Avoiding non-essential in-person meetings and travel beyond personal vehicles.
  5. Evaluating employee concerns regarding individual susceptibility/risk factors on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Frequent communication to reinforce the above actions, ensure the latest technical information, and provide focus, direction and support during this challenging event.

FACS Services to Clients

All SARS-CoV-2 related projects are being managed under the technical oversight of a FACS CIH/Principal Scientist working in conjunction with our COVID-19 core expert team. FACS is actively providing our clients with services related to the development and implementation of infection prevention, control, and response plans. We are also providing general awareness training and communications. For all other projects, we intend to continue to provide services as requested.

We hope this information is useful in helping to protect yourself, your co-workers, clients, and community.

Not only will we continue to provide our client partners with services during this time, we have built our team for such a time as this. Please contact us (or call us at 866-710-7276)  if you have any questions or need assistance in managing your response.


Ben Kollmeyer, MPH, CIH                            John Martinelli
Chief Science Officer                                      Healthcare Practice Director