FACS Incident Response Management


With FIRM, eliminate stress & waste from unplanned incidents.

It is hard to react quickly and efficiently when problems arise. There are so many things to coordinate and stakeholders want their spaces cleaned up and operational as quickly as possible. The pressure mounts as impacts from the damage may not be fully understood and the response action evolves.

Most owners/managers turn first to their insurance company, who then steps in to orchestrate cleanup and repairs for a large emergency. But when minor incidents come in below the deductible, many managers must manage the crises locally with staff they have on hand and often untested vendors. Urgency and disorganization can lead to wasted time, money and productivity.

Prepare for unavoidable incidents

That’s where FACS comes in. FIRM — FACS Incident Response Management — handles these emergencies. FIRM uses centralized project management and works with established restoration vendors using pre-negotiated pricing and protocols. FIRM also organizes how vendors address environmental hazards while keeping projects on track and on budget. Our professionals assist your local staff by managing the restoration, reviewing work plans, auditing invoices and by helping to reduce any hassles or confusion. One multi-family property management firm saved over 20% in costs and productivity gains through FIRM. Travis Hartmark, Regional Director, Capital Maintenance Projects of Sequoia Equities shared: “I would highly recommend the FIRM program to other property management companies because they [FACS] actually will manage every incident that you have from start to completion.”

Prevent scope creep & manage costs

With more than 30 years in the industrial hygiene business, FACS’s team of professionals negotiates with and corresponds directly with vendors to complete projects efficiently. Our consultants understand pricing and protocols involved with a variety of incidents, making them sensitive to invoice mistakes and resource mismanagement. They ensure that only authorized equipment and labor was tracked and, ultimately, billed. These audits also ensure that the agreed upon pricing for labor, equipment and consumables was charged and nothing else. Last year, the FIRM team saved a national hospitality client over $195,000 in invoice errors alone.

“FIRM will more than pay for itself,” says John Blessing, General Manager at FACS, “and if it doesn’t, they don’t need us.”

This benefit is magnified when businesses with multiple locations notice the same issue among several sites or trends in complaints. Not only do the cost savings increase with each additional location, but FIRM’s proprietary software will document the entire incident from onset to the day the invoice is handed over. The documentation includes the damages assessed, photos, every invoice received, and all actions taken, easing future repairs.

Streamline your response with a trusted partner

FIRM offers dependable third-party project management, giving businesses with locations across the country a single partner working for them to help resolve incidents. Our skilled project managers guide facilities teams and vendors through a standardized process, pre-established by each client, to set remediation efforts in motion. They also organize vendor activity, allowing on-site staff the flexibility to focus on daily responsibilities amid cleanup and restoration.

“With our program, we call the vendors that are assigned to your account,” says Blessing. “Your manager is free to devote their time to dealing with their main responsibilities, whatever they need to do.”

Find the peace of mind that comes with streamlined incident management, pricing and protocols for your business’ unplanned crises. Call FIRM at (888) 910-0994, or use our Contact form to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation business impact analysis.