Are You Really Ready for the Unexpected?


When you have a loss over your deductible, your insurance carrier will typically take over and provide you with expert incident management teams; consultants, and remediation and construction professionals. This gives you the power of their relationships/pricing models and very few of the headaches.

What happens if your losses are below your deductible or is one that you would prefer to fix outside of your insurance provider relationships? They happen more frequently and are typically more difficult to manage. They can drain you of time, money and resources.

There is an answer. Forensic Analytical Consulting Services Incident Response Management solution (FIRM), provides expertise, project management and cost savings that you would typically receive from your insurance carrier without the worry of increased premiums. The result: cost savings and productivity gains on all your incidents.

FIRM can help you when these types of incidents occur. Whether you manage multiple locations with several incidents or just a few, FIRM has a plan that can work for you.

FIRM handles the incident from the time it occurs through the successful conclusion and invoicing. First, your property personnel can reach us 24/7, resulting in a restoration vendor engagement which is dispatched to the location in question.  Next, FACS certified personnel will manage the vendor to ensure that they follow the predefined protocols to ensure the incident is handled safely and quickly protecting both your employees and clients from harm.

FACS has an extensive network of recognized and certified vendors that can handle these incidents no matter the location. Additionally, FACS has negotiated national rates from these vendors that can lead to tremendous cost savings for you.

Finally, FIRM will audit their invoices to ensure that they have used the proper pricing for labor and equipment. These audits verify that you are only paying for only the necessary equipment.

“[FIRM] has saved us more time and money than we ever thought possible”, said Ben Simmons, with the hotel chain Extended Stay America. Simmon’s team uses FIRM’s managed services suite to handle everything from the damage to a single room by an unruly guest, to large-scale disasters like floods and fires. “We now have consistency in handling emergencies, and have easy access to the documents we need”, shared Simmons.

But how can the FIRM suite of services help you prepare for the annoyance of an unplanned business interruption? Here are four reasons that Simmons and other FACS clients have deployed FIRM to boost their level of preparedness:

  1. Accept that an Incident WILL happen. The odds simply are against us. Something noteworthy WILL happen during your tenure at your facility. Having an incident response program like FIRM at the ready is no different than other precautionary measures, such as a crisis communications plan. With FIRM, a company can manage single or multiple events, reduce business interruptions and keep facilities open.
  2. Eliminate “Scope Creep” and “Runaway Budget Syndrome”. Even the best remediation contractors can let their labor and equipment costs soar during an emergency response. Most is well intended, but the total expenses can mount quickly. FIRM’s response actions follow pre-defined protocols, agreed-upon rate sheets, and include the details necessary to get you back in business.
  3. Go with the ones who know. Though your internal resources may be adept at certain aspects of incident response, they have their day jobs also. FIRM works seamlessly to address the emergency loss, coordinate resources, and manage the incident from start to finish, allowing your associates to focus on what they do best, running the company.
  4. Engage incident management experts on your team. An internal incident response strategy approach to crisis management is at best, incomplete and costly. With FIRM, you benefit from a cloud-based technology solution backed by human advocates who know how to deal with the nuances of an incident – managing not just the details of the event, but staying objective and focused when emotions are high.

What do you have in place at your organization to manage incidents and disasters? Don’t leave it to your individual property managers. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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