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Manufacturing & Industrial Environments

Manufacturing and other industrial settings are full of potential health and safety hazards for workers. Our team responds quickly and can help ensure the safety of all of your staff.

Forensic Analytical has assisted us in maintaining an excellent record of indoor air quality response and investigations in numerous facilities. Their commitment to quality and their level of expertise is second to none. I would strongly encourage anyone to engage Forensic if they needed help with these or other IH issues.

Eric Busch
Executive Director, Corporate Safety

Case Study

Mercury Contamination Remediation Under California DTSC Regulations

Inspection by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) discovered hazardous levels of mercury in a section of an electronics waste recycling plant, forcing the plant to shut down that part of the operation until a plan was developed to address the situation. FACS was called in to advise the recycler and develop clearance criteria.

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