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The health and safety of your students and staff is critical. Whether you suspect a mold issue or have a concern about air quality in one of your buildings, our experts respond quickly to find the source of the issue.

FACS has provided great customer service and support to Clovis Unified School District. When called upon for help with indoor air quality and hazardous material testing, they are quick to respond, thorough and provide results.

Adam Belmont
Manager, Custodial Department

Case Study

FACS Helps School District Create a Mold Operations and Maintenance Program

FACS responded to an urgent call from a school district regarding the sudden appearance of mold on a classroom ceiling – but ended up doing more than making sure the mold was safely removed. FACS communicated with all stakeholders to answer questions and reduce anxiety, then helped the district develop a mold operations and maintenance program to keep mold problems from further disrupting the educational environment.

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