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FACS Detroit Office

Our mission is to create experts, both staff and clients, who improve public health and the environment in Detroit and across Michigan.

Detroit Environmental Health & Industrial Hygienists

1420 Washington Blvd #301,
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: (313) 597-3129

Detroit has a long history and is one of the most important cultural and industrial centers in the US. We’re committed to bringing better industrial hygiene to Beer City, USA. Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, Inc. is always focused on people. Our employees in Michigan are environmental health experts who are committed and genuinely motivated to solve issues that affect the public. We are committed to addressing a variety of environmental health and industrial hygiene needs in the Detroit Metro and across Michigan.

We're committed to Detroit, & Michigan

FACS was founded on the principles of giving back and supporting our surrounding communities. In line with those principles, our founder, Dave Kahane, has a well-defined program for supporting employees who are passionate about causes that they believe in – Dave’s Direct Giving (or “D3”) – which provides ten $2,500 awards to various non-profits annually. This way of thinking is pervasive throughout the company, as our staff is given two paid days off per year to support causes that are dear to their hearts.

We work to protect public health and to create safe spaces for living, work, and play. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Capabilities & Services

Forensic Analytical Consulting Services has become one of Michigan's leading and most diverse industrial hygiene consulting firms.

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Since 1986, FACS has provided asbestos, lead and mold surveys; indoor air quality evaluations; occupational exposure monitoring; health and safety plans; litigation support; environmental testing services; and a variety of other environmental health services. We frequently provide these types of services to contractors, facility managers and owners, healthcare professionals, attorneys, insurance companies and more.

We understand that business can’t wait. Our staff can respond quickly to client needs ranging from requests for information and sampling needs to emergency consulting services. Although tests, measurement tools, and standards are imperative, it is people who matter the most. You need people who are concerned about your problem and experienced staff that are genuinely motivated to solve these problems for you and the people you serve.