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The reality of construction in 2023 is that all clients have the potential to be very demanding, requiring quick turnarounds and accommodations from all subcontractors and vendors. In this regard, FACS is among the best in the industry for meeting these aggressive requirements. On the technical side, the experts at FACS frequently go above and beyond to explain possible hazardous exposures and develop comprehensive means and methods for our team to safely work around and in these environments.

Alex Saldana
DPR Construction

Case Study

Hospital Demolition Requires Identification & Elimination of Hazardous Agents

An abandoned hospital complex in a historical neighborhood was to be turned over to a developer for reclamation as single-family housing. Given the age of the property (70+ years) and its former use as a medical center, it was critical that the buildings be cleared of environmental pollutants and liabilities before demolition could begin. The primary contractor called on FACS to carry out that work.

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